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Mischelle E

I honestly attended the session with an open mind ready to accept anything new that I would come across that would help me grow and develop as an individual and as a professional.

The programme is a life changing experience for me. As an individual I probably do not give myself any credit for the things / work I do. I have always had a poor sense of self - worth.  The session helped me to an extent change the way I look at myself as an individual. I have honestly been a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, etc… but I have never been “ME” thank you Ramesh and Thulasi for helping me realise that I as an individual do exist and that I can make a difference. On a personal note my immense gratitude to you Ramesh for not giving up on me.  Thank you, I have found excellence in both of you that are definitely worth modelling. Beautiful people and so giving. Thank you…

The venue was excellent. Conducive for learning, the greenery, the serenity truly amazing. The food was really tasty. The second day was better with the smaller quantity.  

The way that Ramesh ran the programme was really good. The way each one was given a turn to share their thoughts but at the same time never to let their ego take over. Ramesh was totally in control of the session, knowing exactly when to let go and when to rein in.  Such an excellent strategy to let people have their turn but never to intimidate the remaining participants. I have personally seen you transform from a school master to a wonderful facilitator and guide. True excellence worth modelling Ramesh!!!! Kudos

I am truly interested in taking my skills to the next level. The appetizers were so great I can't wait to take part in the banquet. You have truly learnt to inculcate NLP into your living. Thank you very much for everything Ramesh. God Bless. This is just the beginning for me, on the beautiful NLP journey. I look forward to travelling with you as my mentor and guide with your consent of course!!! All the best and we will be in touch... Kind regards.