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Partha Pratim Roy

I wanted to improve my understanding of others and my own communication skills to enable me improve relationship, training and delivery skills. The awareness about Filters, clean language, language patterns, rapport building which I learned will help me in achieving the above objectives.

The application of the principle "MAP IS NOT THE TERRITOTY "has helped me in my regular job of training sales managers in Objection Handling , respecting others opinion and understanding needs of a CUSTOMER.

I wanted to be aware of the techniques of helping myself and others to reduce barriers in mind that might arise from time to time. Unpacking ones thought thru CLEAN QUESTIONS is an amazing way of understanding a person, which I have used today in a meeting with my sales team. It's helping me in framing sentences, presenting my words in the as I am more aware of the other person's thought.

The programme was conducted in a manner which was absolutely free flowing, unhindered. This was very necessary and conducive to learning and helped in retention of what we are being taught. The training throughout focused on "process" rather than on "content" I have been able to relate the learning's and apply them in my professional and personal life.

During a conversation with one of the new joiner, I asked her “tell me about you” and wow I started picking her language pattern, filters. She repeated "dekchi", "dekhlam"," dekhbo"(Will see , saw )9 times in her speech of 3 minutes. Visual she was, and it helped me to connect with her very fast. Just one of the many applications which I am sharing with you.

Ramesh allowed us to express ourselves freely as we do in our daily lives and then helped us learn / pick up the nuances. His paralanguage, body language, smile, staring at a person meaningfully to make the other person speak carried the entire programme thru.

For me it was a great package for learning facilitation skill, understanding myself and people with whom I interact, and in modelling others.

Yes! I want to participate in the Business Practitioners programme.