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Shweta Mishra

I did not have a definite objective in mind. It was just a quest to know what NLP is and how much more there is to it, based on what I had read. However, it was fascinating to realise and feel how ‘The Within' was unfolding before me. What was also interesting is the opening line by Ramesh “Real Time Learning” which suited my intent of attending the course with an open mind. The affect was realised as an afterthought only at the end of the first day, when I sat alone and ran through my day's experience.

The concept is scientific and through the two days I could feel the change happening within me. It was a learning to be able to unleash certain believes which hold us back without realising that our own behaviour / tone / actions is what we continue to live with, without having the knowledge of how the mind can be trained at free will, in understanding ourselves and others better.

The foundation training is a guide to train our own mind and having the power to change it ourselves at our own free will.

The programme personally affected me because it was a ‘Mind Shift' for me. I could relate to why (s), I was holding myself back. There was a lot of honesty in the way the programme was conducted, not only by feeling what was happening with me internally but also with what was being reviled of others through what was coming across as a normal conversation with our coach Ramesh, and on personal one to one friendly conversations during the breaks with other participants.

The exercise of sitting across and appreciating a friend was truly an eye opener. It was the greatest learning. (I had actually never appreciated my friends / colleagues / family and I realised, I had got none in return either). Ever since I've done the programme, it is coming very naturally to me to appreciate those I'm dealing with everyday and in turn, my atmosphere and surrounding and the look of others towards me also seems to be changing.

It seemed a lot of thought was given behind choosing the venue. It was centrally located in Kolkata. The thought behind having all vegetarian was very considerate.

The concept of “Real Time” training was very unique. I appreciated the tone, body language and the importance that was given to each and every member. There was this feeling of suspense, of not knowing what was coming next and what else would be learned by us. The respect showed, even when a language was not understood by Ramesh and the patience shown in that situation was really a learning experience by itself.

The language was simple. The ambiance, kept very relaxed and he spoke as a friend and a mentor.

I am still living with what I have experienced from the course. The clarity of what I want and how I want myself and my life to be is what I'm living with and already working towards by contacting people and resources to help me be the person I truly am. This learning is practised now and, I am inquisitive to know and learn how further this could take me. I will continue to experience the outcome of what I have absorbed and continue to feel the changes and see the results for myself.

The attentions I am giving on are on the tone & pitch of my voice, my facial expressions, confidence, complimenting others and working on achieving a goal I've set for myself which is something I've been wanting for myself since I was age 17. This I will achieve by June 2014. Thank you for allowing me to share my views. I feel blessed. Love & Warm Regards.