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Venkatesh KG

Dear Ramesh, Thanks for providing the opportunity to attend this sessions and taking us through an entirely new height. When I looked to attend the course, I have no clue on what could be the outcome of this course. But I hoped that I will find some way out for some key areas which I need to improve in my personal and professional life. My career ambition is to reach out the top management level in 5 years from now. I saw this course as a vehicle that will help me to achieve the same.

The learning from the program is excellent. Truly I enjoyed every moment of the training. The way the training conducted was very good and effective. I learnt the techniques of interacting. I could visualize and feel a change in my approach towards others, post this training session. I also learnt what is the effect and importance of providing “Opinion” “Suggestion” and “Feedback” to others. I was able to realize every single person who was in the class room was unique and so are people of the world.

I had a different expectation from this program and I received more than the expected. I am looking forward to understand & realize the actual expectation of mine when I am going to interact with you or in the subsequent trainings we are going to have.

From the EXCELLENT PERSON WITH HUGE POTENTIAL, Ramesh way of running the program is unique and very effective. Looking forward to have more connects with him.

As an outcome of this course, I did see ways to achieve what I am looking for. I know we have just learned the basics and the advanced training will enable to understand and achieve more. I am looking forward to join the journey along with Mr & Mrs. Ramesh and Thulasi.