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If you are someone who would like to make a difference to people lives then the NLP Trainer Training program is for you. 

What does it take to be an extraordinary Trainer & Coach? Do you need elite certifications, secret techniques, or influential networks? The surprising answer is… no. In my experience what you need is a deep understanding of what makes humans tick. Ticks in a way that opens the door to powerful, transformative coaching experiences for self and others. More importantly that brings in long-term transformation changes in their life and work. And that is what I would like you to experience at the NLP Trainer Training. An opportunity to model excellence, be charismatic, influential, a servant leader attitude and much more. I find it is one of the best ways to make a difference to people lives.

Unlike the traditional training courses, where a trainer goes to attend the Trainer Training directly, when it comes to you becoming an NLP Trainer, you go through all the levels of NLP learning, Practitioner, Master Practitioner and finally Trainer Training.  And, you need not have a background in psychology. You could be a leader, a manager, a coach, trainer, and your purpose, is to touch the lives of people around you, then this course is for you. Or you just want to stand up and present, in way that resonates with your deeper truth, and you help others find theirs. Some join this level to integrate the NLP skills in their coaching or training business. And some join so that they run NLP training courses professionally.

At this level of training, what is expected is to present any of the NLP topics during the days of your training. Not a ppt presentation or talking about NLP. But your ability to go beyond the traditional trainings in designing experiences for the delegates. The focus been on “HOW” over “WHAT” And that’s what you are after. Your in-depth knowledge of NLP is an essential element. And you will have my support through personal coaching and feedback.

Feedback is a rich way of learning and developing your desired skills. So, expect feedback throughout the course of your journey and at times from the delegates both in house and from the invited guest. One of measures of success for this training is that you would be able to run any part of my open programmes and that is not a theoretical outcome. This training is for real. The outcome is a true WIN/WIN in that I develop my network of colleagues and we create a mutual trust to work together in ways that fit for all of us.

Duration, Assisting & Certification: Your, learning goes beyond the training days mentioned as you are stepping into a unique space of learning. So be prepared for this intensive phase of your learning. Expect a lot of hand holding and support here as it is the start of an apprenticeship with us. And this will continue…. moving to assisting on programs. This assisting is part of the training process where the assistants receive coaching for their role. It is also a way of enhancing your skill further.

As an NLP Trainer you are modelling all the time. If you have not produced a modelling project on any previous NLP training that you have done, then you will be expected to do this as well. You will receive a set of criteria by which you, and we can measure your progress and your ultimate success. When you demonstrate that you are training to this standard throughout the programme, subsequently you will receive NLP Trainer certification. Your certification allows you to run your own NLP Training programs and certify others as Practitioners and Master Practitioners authorised by “Onefluencer NLP Training & Coaching ” in partnership with “Sue Knight Books & Talks”. You can expect to be working intensively throughout all your time during this training. I generally find world class NLP Trainers take about 3 to 6 months to complete this phase of learning.

Pre-Course Work: On booking your seat, you will be sent information to start your preparation in the direction of what is expected of you as a trainer, as well as, ready to present any NLP based topic. So, reading as much as possible from whatever source is highly recommended.

And lastly: My programs attracts a diverse group of people from all over the world, and hence your exposure as an NLP Trainer is worldwide. More over you not only get to assist me, but also Sue Knight which are some of the major benefit you get trained with me.