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Welcome to Puducherry @ Pondicherry, the French city of India. I was born here and have many fond memories as a growing boy. This city has a lot to offer from the famous Aurobindo Ashram, founded by Sri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfassa (The Mother), also the lady behind the concept of Auroville to the famous Tamil poet Bharathi.  And our venue for the training is in Auroville a place where most people travel to experience life without borders. 

And the course: This is where you get to, the heart of NLP – modelling excellence. NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience and modelling is at the heart of that.  

Every behaviour has a structure. And so has excellence. You can study it, model it, and reproduce the results that you want for your life on a consistent basis with the help of set of tools where you end up doing a modelling project. You will learn how to find the resources (which might include beliefs, attitude, emotional state, skills, sense of self and purpose) that you need and use them when and where you want them. For many people, who have studied at this level what they specialise in, becomes the essence of their work and life. That’s what you will learn at this level of training. The program is design to provide you with the conceptual, analytical, observational, and interactive skills necessary to achieve both conscious and unconscious competence. This intensive course allows you to explore and deepen your understanding of NLP.

R Ramesh Prasad
R Ramesh Prasad

As a part of the criteria for this course you will be expected to present a mini model before the end of this course. And after the training, we ask you to write up your full-scale modelling project. On acceptance of your project write up you receive your Master Practitioner certification. For this, you would have our complete support. You will have personal coaching from us throughout the programme and especially throughout the progress of your main modelling project.

The programs are certified by “Sue Knight NLP” and completion of the course is accepted for membership by “The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (ANLP International CIC), UK’s foremost NLP advisory body for NLP Professionals.

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So what will you get at the end of the Master Practitioner Training ? 

Muzzammil, sharing his experience

Shreya, sharing her experience

Rosantha, sharing his experience



09:30 AM to 5 PM


Auroville Township


Seven days (Starting Saturday midday onwards. Finishing Friday midday)

Course Fee*

₹ 60,000/- all inclusive.

* Covers your training, learning aids, certification, lunch & refershment. We will guide you with the choice of accommodation available here. 

* You can block your seat by making a deposit of ₹ 10,000/- and the balance before the training date. For me to answer any question that you might have, please do write to me 

For bank transfer, credit card and flexible EMI option please get in touch with me

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Tapan AroraTapan Arora
15:45 18 Nov 22
Writing this, I feel blessed to have Mr. Ramesh Prasad as a mentor in my life. Earlier I attended his virtual sessions that were remarkable and deep. And this time, getting opportunity to be part of his live interactive and immersive session at Hyderabad was amazing, and something that I was always looking forward to be part of.When he as Master Trainer creates and holds the space for learning and exploring, the experience of participants is at a next level. This time also, with his magic of holding that space, my experienced and reflection was profound, as it connected me to my core self.And as NLP is more of an inner journey for me and a tool in personal life and at workplace, this experiential journey under his guidance strengthened me as well as made me remain a life long student of NLP.
Mona SinghMona Singh
15:09 26 Oct 22
Expect the unexpected….theme of Ramesh’s NLP training.Ramesh helped me overcome my inhibition of connecting with the group by confronting it to them. There’s no looking back for me now.I got this amazing opportunity to assist Ramesh in his NLP practitioners program in September 2022. I got to model him and learnt the way he facilitates learning, got to experience village living with scrumptious food, connecting with the participants and one more important thing - got to break my inner pattern which I didn’t even know existed.Ramesh doesn’t teach…he facilitate participants learning in a nonchalant way.The place Ramesh chose for training- Vaksana Farms, located in the outskirts of Chennai broke our pattern of living in urban settings.Instead of a hotel living where all the services are provided, we lived in a village home environment where we washed our own plates and lived together without separate rooms.NLP teaches us to be flexible and Ramesh makes it experiential.Thank you Ramesh for helping me learn without traditional way of teaching.
Rishi JainRishi Jain
12:33 21 Oct 22
The most fascinating thing that I experienced during the 6 days of the NLP training was, how certain mind techniques/tools can help us reflect within ourselves to find most of the answers to our problems that we often seek outside. I joined the course with no intention of any specific outcome, but at the end of the course, I could sense that something inside me had changed. A change due to deep self-reflection; where I experienced accessing the inner most emotions which I never realized that existed.Before I joined the course, I barely knew anything about NLP and the only outcome I was looking forward to, was to see the course adding value and help me grow in my personal and workspace. And surprisingly, the course was indeed a game changer for me.After the course I started to feel more confident about myself, which wasn’t the case earlier. I would usually doubt my capabilities and skills and fear to pursue my interests. After the course the fear has been replaced by self-confidence and an attitude that displays sheer determination and self-belief.The way the way I (Ramesh) ran this training… There are very few teachers who are so good at what they do, and that they believe that teaching through live application of techniques and concepts is more result driven and such an approach helps the group to experience the learning in real time. Another thing at which he is very good is that he customizes the training to match the speed, mind and personality of each individual in the group for quick understanding of the concepts.The location, venue and food where this training was conducted was picturesque. Everyone in the group loved the venue. With big lawns, flowers, sound of the birds chirping and to add as a cherry on the cake was the homely food. The spread of the buffet was a perfect combination of dishes which would often tempt us to go more servings in spite of being full.
Divya JahagirdarDivya Jahagirdar
10:53 18 Oct 22
When I heard about NLP, I was amazed to know how we build certain patterns and beliefs through our lives and start operating like coded robots. It’s only when we question these beliefs and patterns that we begin to live with more awareness of why we do what we do. I wanted to break my patterns I was unaware off, which I believe were causing a hindrance in my career and life. All I wanted is to become more aware!I am taking back much more than I came for. A bag full of memories a basket of gifts and a lifetime of energy source within. The best thing about the program is that we learn to make things work for us even after going back to our day to day lives. It's a life skill everyone should have. It is suitable for anyone who is eager to become more aware and to learn with an open mind. This program has the power to offer everyone with whatever you are looking for, and the strength to make a difference if you wish too.The way Ramesh ran this training… easy, open and flowing. It's amazing to see how our sessions were led by our conversations than a fixed schedule. The program does that to you- it allows us to be in the present/current state of our minds and yet have a fruitful day. I loved it how Ramesh always, literally always managed to calm me down. His tone and voice were so soft to the ears that even a racing horse would calm down and listen to you. It kept the entire room at the same pace while each one of us would drift away into our bowl of noodle-like thoughts and come back to your words.
rohit joshirohit joshi
02:40 01 Oct 22
6 Day NLP Intensive Workshop at Vaksana Farm - Life transforming spanAs every new chapter in our life will require a new vision and a new version of yourself. Also to celebrate, reflect & understand a life will required different perspective. This NLP workshop gave me a direction and light in my life to grow meaningfully & intellectually. Also, recognising my potential and created awareness about my existence & purpose of life.For me, NLP is a formula to solve the equations of life. Mr. Ramesh Prasad (Sir) is really a blessing for me. His experience , wisdom and knowledge about NLP is like a shower of blessings from God's hands. I am very fortunate, privileged and honoured to meet my guru.Below takeaways:•Solution oriented thought process•Clarity on belief of excellence & understanding the roots of every actions & reactions in life•Known potential within me and peoples to bring on correct direction•Communication and comprehension capability to understand clients at workplace & in relationships- I would (must) like to encourage everyone to experience this program to know new version of yourself!