About Sue & Ramesh

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Sue Knight is a popular name in the world of NLP. Sue pioneered the application of NLP in business and life. Her books NLP at work in 12 different languages, and NLP and Leadership have been read by millions. Her work includes clean language & coaching with humour and much more. Those who have been to her courses can vouch how much their life has changed.

What happens when a logical mind and spiritual mind comes together. Well, that is R Ramesh Prasad who chose to give up his rich corporate life, well almost everything, to follow his father footsteps of holistic living. It was under Sue mentorship he found his calling as a servant leader. Today his work stems from that space as he continues to carry the Sue Knight legacy.

Having trained with Sue Knight around the world, welcoming her to India, her second home to share her magic with others here, is such a gift. That said, for those of us living and working in India, and wanting to learn NLP at an affordable cost, this is a rare opportunity to get trained with a world-renowned NLP trainer. So, come, join us for an experience that includes the profound, the human and sometimes even the ridiculous! This programme is one of the most innovative applications of NLP in business and life today. Book your ticket for this very special journey. Wherever you are in the world, and have been wanting to travel, wanting to learn NLP, what a better time and place to visit Cherai Beach, Kerala India – January & February 2024.

The NLP Intensive Training in India with NLP Master Trainers, Sue Knight & Ramesh Prasad.