Training Style

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When we talk about the training style, we believe that a trainer is a designer of experiences and we have taken that to include experiences of different cultures as well as exercises within the context of the programme. We work to Kolb’s learning cycle starting with the experience and using the NLP modelling skills to reflect on what is happening especially the patterns of delegates’ behaviour. We then use these reflections as the basis for the learning and subsequent practice.  Sue Knight. 

Based on this, I find it easy when our delegates choose to share how they experienced our training style.

Methodology: The focus is on the process…on “how” rather than the “what”. How has a structure….and when you wanting to model an act of excellence, that is what you are after. And to do that one of the criteria is to work real-time, be in a state of not knowing and open to feedback. Learning happens by working in the moment. And as you do so, you going through a feeling of curiosity, a state of not knowing, which also signals that you are learning something new which you have never learnt before…and what emerges finally is that you discover a whole lot about yourself, and in the process others. Now as a trainer, that is what I look to create for my delegates…. learning experience in way as never before. If you are experiencing resistance in the learning, have questions popping up, then you are in the right track. You have it cause you doing something new…you learning in way that you haven’t learnt before. Ramesh Prasad.

So, we do hope that you fully enjoy the richness of the design, as you meet your outcome in learning NLP.