Namaste and Swagatham! My name is R RAMESH PRASAD. I am an International NLP Master Trainer, recognised by ANLP International CIC UK. I engage with everyday people of influence, using the versatile tools available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that they are Masters of modern times. My work takes me to different parts of India, Sri Lanka, France, UK, and South Africa.

I follow the teaching methodology of Sue Knight, who pioneered the application of NLP in Business and life through her books “NLP at Work” and “NLP and Leadership“. I found my calling as a servant leader under Sue mentorship. Today my work stems from that space as I continue to carry the Sue Knight legacy. Together, we co-run the Intensive model of NLP training especially in India.

At ONEFLUENCER, I bring to you the most inspirational NLP training courses from the world’s most committed NLP Master Trainer, who subscribe to the values of openness, truth, integrity, trust, generosity, commitment, fun and love. Coaching is an intensive part of the work we do, using methods that are unique and unconventional.

R Ramesh Prasad

I live in Chennai along with my wife Tulsi and daughter Gayanthika. My journey with NLP has been a transformational one where in, our lives has changed significantly in a number of ways. And that’s our wish for you. So, come along, join us, explore and experience a learning that is truly world-class and life changing.  

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NLP Foundation
Open to all: Want to know what NLP is and how can you benefit from it? And not sure, from whom and where then this level can be the first step to explore NLP. Generally held over two days, it's worth your time and money. You also get to know the trainer, his training style and what to expect if you wish to take your learning further...more
NLP Practitioner (Personal & Business)
Open to all: If you are new and serious in doing an NLP course, this is where it begins. You get to learn the building blocks of NLP. The aim of this training is to help you become aware of the strategies that you run in life and the patterns that support them. Also helps overcome challenges that are important to ...more
NLP Master Practitioner
Open to Practitioners: At this level you get to the heart of NLP through the process of modelling. You build on your existing skill set learned in NLP Practitioner. Thereafter you go on to develop a project. On acceptance of your work, you get certified as a Master Practitioner. So a high level of commitment is expected from the...more
NLP Trainer Training
Open to Master Practitioner: If you someone who hold the desire to transform lives by training and teaching, then this is for you. You will learn to focus on the artistry of the “The how” as you stand up, speak, facilitate, coach and train breaking traditional methods of training. On completion you become eligible to certify others...more
One - on - One
Open to all: If you are wanting to learn NLP 1-2-1 or are looking for a 1-2-1 coaching session, then I will be happy to guide you with how we go about this. You can expect exclusive support, privacy and guidance. Learn...more

The programs are certified by “Sue Knight NLP” and completion of the course is accepted for membership by “The Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (ANLP International CIC), UK’s foremost NLP advisory body for NLP Professionals.

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A single session at a team meeting or a company conference can be a great way to introduce a subject like NLP. It can be just one area of NLP that can be customise to your audience’s needs. Write to me and I will be happy to connect.

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