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My first blog

I am seated in front of the pool waiting to write my first blog. I feel the coolness of my arms against the metal arm of my chair and the softness of cushion which makes me feel comfortable and relaxed.
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Neuro Linguistic Programming – Some Bitter Pills On Day One

Ramesh Prasad who was the Master Trainer at the 2-day NLP training will probably wince when he comes across ‘Some Bitter Pills’ in the heading of this post.
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NLP- Beliefs of Excellence & the Chennai Floods

As a student of NLP, I have always been fascinated by the Beliefs of Excellence, the core structure around which NLP is so wonderfully woven. Simple, unassuming but powerful statements that have conveyed such immense meanings without us even consciously realizing it.
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“The Child is the Father of Man”- Lessons in NLP & Leadership

A very simple piece of Poetry written unassumingly by William Wordsworth. During the years I was growing up, this poem of 9 verses was something that I had to by heart as a part of my English Studies.
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“Father’s Day”- Lessons in Leadership & NLP from my Father

A Flurry of messages on my phone coupled with newspaper advertisements, social media post etc... All kept reminding me of the fact that June 18, 2017 is being celebrated as Father’s Day.
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What's the name like?

For a while now I have been asked about the meaning of the word “Onefluencer". Yes it is the name of the NLP academy which I run...
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What is NLP?

I have been asked all the time what is NLP. I have shared some of my thoughts in this video. And this just a gist of what is NLP... Let me know what do you think of the talk
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The Map Is Not The Territory

The world cup for the best football team is in full swing and I have been following the game on Television. And that was one of the main reason I got my 20 year old TV replaced by a 3D HD sports smart TV. Watching the game has been really fascinating.
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Inspire Days in India

The "Inspire Days" celebration in India!!! We did it for the first time last year and it was a grand success.
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Telling or Sharing

The more I spend my time with my teacher the more I become aware of patterns in me. Being invited as a speaker for the upcoming Alumni, here in France, while doing my preparation...I was I going to be telling or sharing. (a good question isn't? )
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Experience is the best teacher

So yesterday evening, I was walking back home holding my 6 years old daughter's hand from the play ground. I was holding her with my right hand and to one side of the road. On the opposite side was a little girl must be around 7 years... cycling fast towards us...I
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