NLP Coaching

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“Unique therapists/coaches make unique interventions with unique clients at unique times in unique ways” Milton Erickson

So what is unique about NLP coaching?One that you will learn skills that will help you address most issue when coaching in a couple of sessions. This is particularly useful if you don't want to undergo a full fledge coaching certificate program. Secondly if you are someone who is already a coach and are wanting to learn what part of coaching that goes into NLP then this space is for you. A space where you can create a larger impact in this world with, never-been-taught-before models so as to create deep transformation in your clients.

Tools that you will learn beyond conventional coaching are

Conversation Programming is a fancy term that I find in use currently to impress clients. Well can we have that and some simple conversations that can lead people to dig deep thereby finding solutions.

Most coaches have found NLP very useful in many ways, in particular

So, you can be the difference that makes a difference to take your coaching practice to the next level. The NLP Business Practitioner program is also the first module in becoming a professional coach. You can also add NLP to your existing Coaching Accreditations.