Different levels of training in NLP

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Level 1 - The NLP Business Practitioner
Open to all: This is where it begins. You get to learn the building blocks of NLP. The aim of this training is to help you become aware of the strategies that you run in life and the patterns that support them. Also helps overcome challenges that are important to ...more
Level 2 - The NLP Master Practitioner
Open to Practitioners: At this stage you get to the heart of NLP through the process of modelling. You build on your existing skill set learned in NLP Practitioner. Thereafter you go on to develop a project. On acceptance of your work, you get certified as a ...more
Level 3 - The NLP Trainer Training
Open to Master Practitioner: If you someone who are holding the desire to transform lives by training and teaching, then this is for you. You will learn to focus on the artistry of the “HOW” of training, coaching and facilitation as you stand, speak, letting go off traditional ...more