What is Neuro Linguistic Programming ?

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NLP aka Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of, the structure of, subjective experience, in particular, the structure of excellence. Studying NLP helps you understand how you think, communicate, and run strategies in your daily life with a set of behaviours and beliefs you hold, consciously and unconsciously.  And this, you do by studying patterns, yours, as well others. Becoming aware, of your patterns, helps you create choices in the way you run strategies for living.

The core of NLP is modelling excellence in order, to reproduce the results that you, as well others are getting in life and consistently. This is achieved through an intense and structured process using a combination of tools and models available in NLP.

In simple words, NLP is like an ‘owner’s manual’ for your brain which provides you with practical tools to run your mind and body more effectively. 

The Name: Neuro Linguistic Programming originated in California and was developed 1970 by two Americans – Richard Bandler and John Grinder – whose interest lay in how they could reproduce the excellence of people whose performance they admired. And thus, emerge the science of NLP with the belief if someone can do it anyone can do it.

Today NLP is described as