Choosing your trainer

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Choosing your NLP Trainer

Choosing an NLP Trainer in India or anywhere in the world is going to be your personal choice. You don’t look for the top NLP Trainer or the best NLP Trainer, you look for look for quality, experience, training style, the trainer ethics & values. And in doing some research I sincerely hope you find this article useful.

All said and done, speak to a few NLP Trainers, follow your intuition. Trust me, it will lead you to the right place. I did and my life changed. And I wish the same for you.

There are many programmes under the banner of NLP. For me NLP is not about power, control, fixing, money or mindreading… For me NLP is about grace, integrity, truth, respect, curiosity, learning, excellence, peace, fun, laughter, and love. Choose your training providers carefully… – Sue Knight