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The Inspire Days Celebration

The Inspire Days celebration is a word that I have borrowed from my teacher. Call it an Alumni or a conference, whatever you would like, for many this is a place, where past delegates who have studied under me come together to celebrate and share stories of their lives and the lives of the people around them. 
Stories of success, stories of struggles in the journey of change, stories of bonding, stories of bringing qualitative changes in  their relationship, stories of starting a new journey, stories of changing within….and all that leading to make a difference to the world….their world ….our world…one step at a time. 
I have held the Inspire Days in Chennai a number of times and this year it’s in Colombo, Sri Lanka, a beautiful country where the land and crystal clear water meets…or if I might say where the land ends and sea meets.    
  • October 2024 – The Sri Lankan NLP & Coaching Alumni MeetUp. Colombo
    Dates: October 10 & 11 |  Timings: Friday – 02:30 pm to 06:30 pm.  Saturday – 10am to 5pm
    Course Fee: USD 100/- covers lunch & refreshment.

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 The Inspire days that I am running in Sri Lanka are in partnership with Smart Quest. They are leaders in the space of Coaching in Sri Lanka. So you have the advantage of listening to people who will be speaking about NLP as well as Coaching. And at times both. A place to listen to some conventional coaching and unconventional coaching models as well. More importantly the people who have made a difference to themself and to others. So come join us to experience what might you take away from this Alumni.  
Watch this space where I will be sharing who will be speaking in the coming days…