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On this page, I have shared a few examples of the NLP modelling projects that have been submitted by my delegates who have qualified to become an NLP Master Practitioner.

You can model to be a super confident person, a world class public speaker, a compelling story teller, to be spontaneous, to listen, to connect, to influence, to have conversation that leaves the other person feeling of wanting more, decision making, humour, how to be a good team player, mange teams, how to engage in an influential way, or to be a successful manager, to be a coach,  a parent, or to just to be in the now. The list can go on and on. Each participant works on their own choice of what they want to model, throughout the whole program. And I will coach you in the choice of your topic.

examples of nlp master practitioner modelling project
How to embrace my true self
- Michelle de Silva
Have you noticed how certain individuals can light up a room when they walk into it?... More
How to show up in time all the time?
How to show up in time
- Sugandhi Viswanathan
I see the respect people have for me and the way people express that they do not want to keep me waiting... More
examples of nlp master practitioner modelling project
How to connect from the heart
- Dhanwanti Moolchandani
As a young adult I was very lively and comfortable talking to people and connecting with people.. More
examples of nlp master practitioner modelling project
How to stay resourceful
- Sugandhi Viswanathan
Watching frogs jumping into ponds really amuses me, I always wonder how quickly they are able to... More
Being Spontaneous
How to be Spontaneous
- Payal Gandhi Hoon
I remember as a child being mostly spontaneous and creative in what I said and did. Then came formal... More
How to spot excellence
How to identify excellence
- Prathima Gomes
Office lunch time gossip or post meeting discussion or while watching... More
Being there
- Renuka C S
My journey from the NLP Foundation course to the Master Practitioner course was steady and well-paced. I was happy and satisfied with my progress until it was time for the project. In my first two attempts, I failed in defining an IT which was compelling enough for me. Eventually, my project died a natural death. Years later, I felt the need to gain the skill of modelling. And, here I’m attempting once more to find an IT, model it and make it a part of me... More
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Enabling the Gift of Life
- Akhil Bhardwaj
What began as an enquiry about what it means to create a fulfilling life led me on a beautiful journey that will continue throughout my life. As you pick up my model, the fulfillment of this journey will drench you too... More
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Expressing the thoughts in critical situation
- Nisbat Anwar
To be able to express my thought in critical situation— this is my IT. Is it very hard thing to do?.. More
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To Approach…Life
- Raghavender Matam
Here I am writing summary of my life for the first time. What leads me here to do this is an experience of a life time. And you are going to like it... More
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How to become a powerful speaker
- Vikram Dhar
At work few months back, I attended a Toast Master meeting, in which select individuals delivered a speech before an assembled audience. As is always the case, some speakers were very good, some were average, and some were trembling like a leaf... More
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How to deliver critical feedback
- Narmada Kancharana
I really want to tell him something…but I am scared…I know this feedback will help him… but what if he feels bad about it?
Well, that was what went on in my mind every time I had to give someone a critical feedback. I would stay awake till late at night, tossing and turning in my bed and wondering what to say, and how to say it in a way that the receiving person doesn’t feel bad about it... More
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How to develop a strong sense of self
- Nasreen
Imagine dense lush green forest with tall trees watching pristine white clouds floating the deep blue sky. In Summertime, the Sun sinks down beneath top of trees with light streaks through in shadowy beams turning green leaves to gold... More
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How to express fluently in English
- Denis (Dan) Capdeville
I am a therapist, certified in Hypnosis and NLP, since 10 years, specialist in mental issues and/or disorders, using NLP tools regularly. I used to practice in France for 8 years, and now, I practice in Auroville, India, where I definitively moved, 3 years ago... More
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How to give a clear cut instructions
- Anupam Banerjee
The reason for choosing this is in professional and personal life we only achieve the desired result in the shortest time when we have clear instructions. This is relevant when a Manager defines the steps needed to achieve the sales target for the month or when a Mother is explaining to a child how to clean his room... More
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How to Listen
- Sunil Kumar
My journey to finding my “IT” was quite an interesting one. Trained as an engineer I have always been a left brain dominated person. Very analytical, rational, logical and intellectual I always believed that the person who thinks big, thinks fast, thinks constantly will be the winner in life... More
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How to stay Calm and focussed
- Sree Kumar Menon
My learning from NLP is the excellence that I identify in others is already there in me. It is hidden deeply inside till the time I spot it in others. When I spot this in others, it forms an urge to come out to the surface... More
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Speaking to the world, being myself
- Arunima Sen Pathak
I know how to collect my thoughts, I know how to compose my mind, I know how to represent them in writing, and I know how to put them across one on one…. what I yet to know and keen to learn is the art of articulating them confidently and eloquently to the audience – and wrapping it up with a sense of achievement and smile of contentment on each of our face... More
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